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Metsa Kene - Estonia Meets Amazonia

Many beloved artists will meet at the musically diverse concert: Mari Kalkun, Triinu Taul, Liisi Koikson, Mick Pedaja, Rändaja, Puuluup, Seto singers, Jarek Kasar, Meister Jaan, Mihkel Mälgand, Raun Juurikas, Kristin Kalnapenk, Emma Johanna Lepasoo, “Lama From Tartu and many others.
Special guests from Brazil are Txana Bane (BRA) and Txai Fernando (BRA).

Estonia Meets Amazonia

Metsa Kene Album

“METSA KENE – the project has produced a nearly 100-page audio album-book with 15 inspiring songs that introduce the music and cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon through the eyes of the Nordic forest people. The result is an outrageous musical alchemy.

Eduardo Agni from Brazil, the producer of the project, invites us to think – “Forest Kene is more than a meeting of two cultures – it is a celebration of life and nature and a call to preserve and protect forests, our shrines – in the Amazon jungle, here in Estonia and all over the world.”

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The aim of the creators of the “Forest Kene” project is to draw attention to the importance of preserving forests and natural habitats, while emphasizing the cultural role of indigenous peoples as their custodians.


  • Alexela Concert Hall
  • 19:00

Metsa Kene
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Estonia Meets Amazonia is an international music project, in the framework of which a sound album of the same name has been completed.